Total Care System

이트웨이 학생관리 프로그램은 각 학생들이 꿈의 대학에 입성하기까지의 경로를 미리 설정,합격장을 받는 순간까지 그 여정을 함께 하는 프로그램 입니다.

  • Career Assessment
  • Academic management (course planning, scheduling standardized tests, etc.)
  • College Track Consulting
  • Extra-Curricular Activities

Gateway Academy’s unique Total Care System (TCS) provides students with comprehensive academic management and college consulting services. Gateway’s experienced and dedicated staff walk students through every step of their educations. From course planning and test prep to extracurricular activities and college applications, Gateway Academy is committed to meeting the needs and desires of the students and families it serves.

  • College Application –Package C (UC package plus Private Schools)
  • Free classes

  • Various community service options
  • Internship programs
  • Leadership ProgramsSummer program searches (various camps, classes, volunteer work)
  • Tuition
  • SAT I Winter Boot Camp or SAT II or AP test class ($1000 ~ $1200 value)

** College Application Package is upgradeable

  • All TCS enrolled students receive a 10% discount on any and all enrolled classes